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The Impact of Metal Recycling

The World needs Metals

Steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, and other metals are crucial for global infrastructure and for consumer goods Demand for metals is further driven by the green energy transition making them essential for a green economy in general

Primary metal production is highly CO2-intensive

Production of primary metals emits a lot of CO 2 and is very energy intensive The global production of metals accounts for >12% of direct CO 2emissions In 2021, almost 2bn tons of steel and almost 100mn tons of aluminum were produced generating >3.6bn tons of CO 2

Infinite metal recycling key in decarbonization of metals

Metals can be recycled forever without quality loss ~70% of steel production in the US is based on recycled steel, while ~55% in the EU and even only ~22% of steel production in China respectively use recycled scrap steel as raw material

Significant CO2 saving potential from metal recycling

CO 2 emissions from steel production can be reduced by >60% by using recycled steel scrap with no quality loss