Marina Scrap

Your digital platform for international scrap metal and recycled metal trade

Frequently Asked Questions

At Marina Scrap Trading we believe in the tremendously positive impact and the importance of using every available kilo of scrap metal. To achieve that, we will make access to scrap metal easy and facilitate the international trade of scrap metal. Marina Scrap Trading is designed to digitally facilitate international scrap metal trading. Marina Scrap Trading directly connects trusted buyers and sellers of scrap metal without middlemen. Buyers and sellers benefit from direct negotiation, with better prices, better margins and time savings.

Each company using Marina Scrap will get verified by an external service provider. Only verified parties can buy or sell scrap metal. Additionally, our financial service provider facilitates each payment and holds the funds secure in an individual escrow account until the goods have been delivered. So both parties benefit from direct trading at highest possible security. Say goodbye to your hassles and costs for letters of credit. They are no longer required using Marina Scrap. Marina Scrap has been designed for the needs of professional traders so that the entire transaction will happen on Marina Scrap. From search to negotiation to payment and goods delivery. Both parties have full transparency on the status of each transaction and can directly communicate with each other.

Marina Scarp is a digital service for B2B transactions. Any legally registered company that has legitimate interest in trading scrap metal can register. Each company will get verified by an external service provider upon registration to ensure a trusted environment.

Upon registration, you will need to choose either to be a buyer or seller of scrap metal. You will be asked to provide your company details such as legal name, address, VAT identification. Additionally, our service provider will verify ID document of your company owners and of you as a company representative.

After registration, your account will be created. As a first step, please navigate to your account settings and run the business verification process and add your bank details and shipping/billing addresses. Only after successful business verification, you will be able to buy or sell scrap metal.

Marina Scarp will require the seller to provide the invoice and bill of lading before shipment. After shipment, we require picking list, certificate of origin, pre-shipment inspection certificate and insurance certificate.